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Who We Are


APIIT Education Group has emerged over the years as one of Malaysia’s largest education groups addressing all levels of education. The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation is amongst Malaysia’s premier private universities where our unique fusion of technology, innovation & creativity works effectively towards preparing talents for roles globally. We have earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning university through our achievements in securing awards at both national & international levels. We also have an excellent track record in producing highly employable graduates. With an international student community from more than over 130 countries, we offer a truly cosmopolitan learning environment.

Brand Identity

  • Established in 1993, APIIT has grown tremendously over the years and has emerged as one of Malaysia’s largest education groups addressing all levels of education. The APIIT brand of ‘Asia Pacific’ has emerged as one of the top conglomerate brands in the education industry. We believe in offering a comprehensive model to support individual’s education needs from school levels all the way to higher education, taking it step-by-step, together.


Over the years, APIIT Education Group has successfully secured more than 100 awards at the local, regional and international level. We were also the only organisation whom received the prestigious Prime Minister’s Industry Excellence Award (Export Excellence-Services) in the year 2011 by Dato’ Seri’ Najib Tun Razak. These awards serve as an acknowledgement of our achievements, reaffirming our standing as being the among the pioneer technology institutions in Malaysia.

Over the years, APIIT education group has secured more than 100 awards at local, regional, and international level. These awards serve as acknowledgements of the achievement of APIIT and our students, reaffirming our standing as being among the leading technology institutions in Malaysia.

About APIIT Corporate Training

APIIT Corporate Training is a leading corporate training provider in the country offering programmes in various fields such as IR 4.0, Business Productivity, Accounting, English and Soft-Skills.

We are focused on our vision to bridge the ever-present skills gap in the industry. We are proud to have over 3,000 participants benefitting annually from our training and certification courses. We believe in continuous support for our participants throughout their journey with us. With our amazing track-record in ensuring our training graduates gain the most out of our game-changing programmes, we trust that they are always a step-ahead.

Programmes Designed for Industry

APIIT’s comprehensive range of certification & specialised training programmes are designed to meet the needs of both professionals & organisations. A powerful synergy exists between APIIT Corporate Training & Academic Programmes which ensures we remain firmly focused on our vision to bridge the ever-present skills gap. With our dedicated team constantly working towards curating current in-demand courses, we guarantee our participants are never left behind.

As we cater and personalise our programmes to many organisations, we ensure they gain tremendously by equipping their employees with skills to continuously exploit technology to respond to the demands of the business and its competitive environment. We believe in personalising training programmes based on the individual needs of each organisation making certain they benefit the most out of it. Organisations that have benefitted from our training include those from the banking & finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, insurance and aviation sectors as well as IT solution providers, multinationals and SMI/SME’s.

A Commitment to Quality Training

We deliver our Corporate Training Programmes within a framework which is designed and certified to meet the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) quality standards.

Our methodology places emphasis on developing practical skills and our programmes are delivered by experienced & dedicated trainers using high-quality course material, well-structured exercises as well as real-world project work.

Our conducive environment is specially designed with the latest hardware & software to provide a feel that ensures a comfortable learning experience.

Flexible Training Solutions

While we offer an extensive range of public programmes that are regularly scheduled & conducted on a fixed calendar, we understand that organisations may have specific needs which requires a certain degree of flexibility to be implemented, to address this needs we have the following options:

  • Customised Training – Programmes which are fine-tuned by our trainers to achieve the desired learning outcomes unique to the needs of the organisation.
  • On-Site Training – Designed for organisations who prefer their employees to be trained at their place of employment.