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Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration



This Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration training is ideal for experienced administrators who need to learn more about Oracle Linux 7. You will learn how to configure networking services and authentication services, implement virtualization technologies to more effectively manage system resources, perform advanced storage administration tasks, implement shared storage technologies, and develop advanced troubleshooting skills. In this course, you will be introduced to the Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution


5 days


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Skills Covered

After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Explore your system using Dynamic Tracing (DTrace)
    • Configure server virtualization with KVM
    • Configure network addressing and authentication services
    • Configure Apache web services
    • Automate installation using Kickstart
    • Configure resource management using Control Groups (cgroups)
    • Configure operation system-level virtualization with Linux Containers (LXC)
    • Configure application containers with Docker
    • Configure ISCSI shared storage
    • Configure device mapper multipathing
    • Create Udev rules for persistent device naming
    • Configure a shared disk cluster file system using Oracle Cluster File System Version 2 (OCFS2)
    • Collect and analyze core dumps
    • Configure and use SELinux
    • Perform advanced software package management
    • Gain an understanding of the Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution

    Who Should Attend

      • Data Center Manager
      • Support Engineer
      • System Administrator
      • System Integrator


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