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Rocheston Certified Chief Innovation Officer (RCIO)


This course intends to equip the participant with an ample knowledge to take on the prevailing circumstances at most dynamic organizations with confidence and intelligence, that is necessary to take over the role of CIO.-


3 days


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Skills Covered

After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Define what a problem statement is?
    • Understand educational drawbacks
    • List game changing innovations
    • Know about innovation companies
    • Drawing on examples and case studies of the real world
    • Define ideas, creativity and innovation
    • Use idea generation tools
    • Understand the disciplines innovation and disruptive thinking
    • Describe the innovation and leadership mindset
    • List the innovation killers
    • Know the creative thinking techniques
    • Know about design Thinking, aesthetics, look & feel element
    • Learn to build creative brands

    Who Should Attend

    The CCIO program is aimed at C-Suite executives, general
    executives and entrepreneurs interested in questioning the rules
    and challenging the status quo.
    This certification is also for anyone who wants to be a part of
    this changing world. Anyone with a desire to gain a strong grasp
    on innovation and work towards excellence is eligible to the join
    CCIO program.

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